mango cheesecake

One of my hobbies is coming up with easy, healthy and delicious new recipes that my whole family can enjoy. I do read recipes for inspiration but I can’t remember the last time I actually followed a recipe. I tend to change the flavours and substitute so many ingredients that by the time I’m done it bears no resemblance to the original recipe! I am however, very appreciative for the inspiration that comes from the original recipes…and yes, I have had my share of recipe failures. 

You will notice that most of the recipes on the page are healthy desserts, as that is my favourite thing to make. I hope you enjoy some of these recipes as much as my family has. I’m still surprised every time they tell me they like something I’ve made! Most of these recipes are flexible, so if there is an ingredient you can’t eat, try switching it for a similar food. Please click on the links below to find my recipes.

Happy Baking!