Buckwheat Porridge


Buckwheat is not classified as a ‘true’ grain, but rather a ‘pseudo-cereal’. It is actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb and sorrel, and is gluten free. It is easy to find now and is sold in the health food section of most Woolworth’s supermarkets as well as health food stores. This is a much loved breakfast in our house! (daddy, toddler and bubba’s bowls pictured)

Ingredients (for pictured amount)
3/4 cup buckwheat
1.5 cups water
3/4 pear
1.3 Tbs LSA
70g blueberries

Measure 3/4 of a cup of buckwheat and 1.5 cups of water into a pot, place the lid on and bring to the boil. While the water is starting to heat, peel and chop finely 3/4 of a pear. Add the pear to the pot. Hand the remaining 1/4 of a pear to your toddler so she doesn’t gnaw her own foot off with hunger while waiting for her buckwheat to cook!! Once it starts to boil the heat can be turned down to a low simmer (lid on). Cook until the water has all been taken up by the buckwheat. Pour the buckwheat into bowls, and top with approx. 1 tablespoon of LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds) for an adult or 1 teaspoon of LSA for a hungry toddler, and some blueberries (bubba has some pureed buckwheat and pear). Enjoy and make sure to defend your blueberries from sneaky toddler theft!!